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SkyScrappers is a classic arcade-style, vertically scrolling, platform-fighting game. You will select from a diverse range of extreme sportspeople, to fight and race your way to the top of a falling skyscraper… as it is being demolished. Play with up to four players in classic couch-multiplayer, take on the single-player campaign, or set up the game your way with AI bots and a choice of game modes.




A raconteur, gambler, and adventurer, Phileas was born into the highest echelons of British society. In the most exclusive members clubs in London, he discovered a flair for the daredevil existence and the lure of a wager.

  • Age 31
  • Weapon Rapier
  • Blood AB-


Born in Martinique, Solène signed up for French military service at seventeen and excelled in training. Passing through the army with ease, she was recruited into France’s DGSE, where she took part in covert counter-terrorism operations around the world. Solène now offers her services as a professional killer to the highest bidder.

  • Age 28
  • Weapon Tanto Daggers
  • Blood O+


Little is known about the mysterious Jessica, but this young American is believed to be a member of a clandestine order of mercenaries possessing the highest proficiency in the 18 disciplines of ninjutsu.

  • Age 26
  • Weapon No Dachi
  • Blood A+


A consummate thrill-seeker, Kichirou’s path through Japan’s ultra-competitive Drifting scene earned him fans around the world before turning his back on the sport to pursue his passion as a BASE jumper, and a career as a walking energy drink billboard.

  • Age 22
  • Weapon Bo Staff
  • Blood B-

The Team

James Parker

SkyScrappers is a product of James’ young life spent in seaside arcades and a long held belief that buttons are best. As founder and director of Bristol-based games developer, Ground Shatter, all of this is his idea.

Tom Waterhouse

The artwork of SkyScrappers inspires and reflects the game in equal parts, and it is the work of freelance illustrator, pixel merchant, and lifelong SNK fan, Tom Waterhouse.

Chris Randle

Chris is a freelance composer and sound designer for games and film and is responsible for the amazing music, sound effects, and voiceover that you’ll hear in the game.